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NuvoH2O Research & Development Lab

Our Lab

NuvoH2O's Citracharge was launched in 2009 as a truly 'green' (and a much needed) alternative to traditional, and environmentally harmful, salt-based water softening systems.

Developing a water treatment system that is healthy, environmentally sustainable, and cost effective requires optimizing both the ingredients in the softening medium and the method of delivery. NuvoH2O's research and development laboratory strives to advance water softening technology by developing energy efficient delivery methods with novel and biodegradable softening mediums.


Dr. Mahika Weerasekare
Lab Director 

Dr. Mahika Weerasekare is a synthetic organic, and analytical chemist with over 20 years of work in research and development. Her experience ranges from small molecular drug development to biomaterial synthesis. Dr. Weerasekare became interested in water chemistry while developing synthetic biopolymers that mimic natural underwater glues for use as water-borne surgical adhesives.

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David Williams
Lab Manager

Jaffet Gonzales
Lab Technician

Having worked in the medical and engineering fields in different areas across the US and in the outdoor industry, and being a dedicated outdoorsman, David combines his varied skills and knowledge for the improvement of our product`s systems and applications. He is currently working on our second-generation delivery system. He also administers our Lab Blog, helps with IT, facility maintenance and is our Quality Control Specialist.

Being an avid outdoor and traveling enthusiast Jaffet learned early the importance of water sourcing and maintenance. With knowledge in a variety of field equipment, his work involves water test design, procedure, and operation. He enjoys kayaking, mountain biking and reading.

“I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man” – H. D. Thoreau.

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